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HomeMarket AnalysisBest Stocks To Trade |BUY & SELL| 8 Aug

Best Stocks To Trade |BUY & SELL| 8 Aug

Short Trade: CME Group Inc. (CME)– 208.38

Best Short

Trade Details:

  1. It is resisting around the previous support of 210 on the Daily chart.
  2. Trade only when it crosses below the last swing of 207.75
  3. If it breaks down the lower swing of 205 then you can hold this trade for the next trading sessions.
  4. RSI is in the overbought zone on Daily and Hourly Charts both.
  5. Trail your stop loss at entry price after breaking 205 levels.
  6. Risk Reward 1:4
  7. You can re-enter this trade if it hits your SL on the first try.

    Trade, SL, and Target –

Entry = Below 207.75

Stop Loss = 209.50

Target = 200.72

Please note: Don’t Trade this stock if it Opens GAP UP .

Sell Trade: Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM)– 87.22

Trade Details:

  1. Formation of Double TOP of the upper resistance levels.
  2. If the market sentiment is natural or negative this stock will follow the downtrend and comes back to the lower levels.
  3. There is more resistance levels on the Daily time frame chart on this current level.
  4. RSI is flat now. It may go down further.
  5. Trail your stop loss to the entry as it touches 86 levels.
  6. Risk Reward = 1:3

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = Below 86.75

Stop Loss = 87.32

Target = 85

Please note: Don’t enter into this trade if it opens and start going upward. You must wait to enter and follow the strict stoploss.

Long Trade: Prologis, Inc. (PLD) – 124.47

  1. Strong closes above the moving average.
  2. Bullish Price action with the positive market trend.
  3. RSI is looking bullish because it is trying to get in an uptrend above 56 levels.
  4. There is a high resistance zone around 128 levels on the daily charts.
  5. Risk Reward = 1:3.5

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = Above 124.75

Stop Loss = 123.97

Target = 127.45

Please note: Ignore this stock if it opens GAP Down because it may consolidate and hit SL. 

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