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Best Stocks to Trade |BUY & SELL| 02 May

Short Trade: Tractor Supply Company (TSCO) – 271.17

Trade Details:

Reversing from the top with the formation of triple top which is the reversal pattern in this stock. Our next target will be next EMA levels and then we will hold for bigger profits at least the lower yellow trendline.
RSI is also turning into negative and price will slide down towards lower levels. Must keep trailing your stop loss to protect your profits.

Entry = 270.10

Stop Loss = 173.56

Target = 260.10

Please note: There is some upside gap is remaining so make sure to re-enter if it his SL in first try or after breakdown of last lower swing.

Long Trade: Comerica Incorporated (CMA) – 51.21

Trade Details:

Stock is taking support at lower trendline levels and price will try to reverse from this level. This is currently trading at the bottom and in a consolidation phase and will continue to rise further towards higher levels above 52.
You may have to wait a little bit for perfect entry into this stock. RSI is also trading towards higher levels. and will rise gain up to 60-70.

Entry = 50.52

Stop Loss = 51.78

Target = 49.98

Please note: Trade only if it triggers our entry level only then enter into this trade around 50.50 levels.

Sell Trade: Aon plc (AON) – 283.65

Trade Details:

Stock is trading in a channel & making a narrow zone and it will try to breakdown or breakout so here is a higher chances of breakdown but there is a little chance of breakout as well. It may start falling down from higher levels towards its lower support of 275. If the market sentiment will also be negative then this stock falls down very sharply towards the last swing and continue to its 270 levels as well.

Entry = 283.50

Stop Loss = 286.35

Target = 275.10

Please note: This stock is in sideways phase and you have to watch the market sentiment because if it breaks out above the last swing then it may rise further. So you can also reverse the trade only if overall sentiment will become positive.

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