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Best Swing Trade Stock: REG 59

Stock Analysis: Regency Centers Corporation (REG) – 59

Trade details: Regency Centers is trading in a channel and now it is available at the lower support and it will try to bounce towards higher levels and out first target will be its EMA levels and the final target will be the around 65 at the top of pattern.

If the market continues to fall then wait for the price to recover and trade again in the zone only then enter for the long side because it may fall further below its yellow trendline attached in the below image.

This trade is also perfect fits with the Risk-Reward ratio of more than 1:3.

ENTRY = 59

STOP = 57.50

TARGET = 62 / 65

Please Note: Overall market’s trend is bearish so wait for entry if price opens gap down. Must enter only after a confirmation on hourly charts.

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