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HomeCryptoBitcoin price to Hit $1 Million by 2025? Crypto Analyst Says 'Yes

Bitcoin price to Hit $1 Million by 2025? Crypto Analyst Says ‘Yes

Bitcoin price could reach $1 million in 18 months- Strike CEO, US currency debasement and government debt could fuel surge.

Strike CEO Jack Mallers predicts Bitcoin BTC/USD -0.30% could reach a seven-figure valuation, potentially reaching up to $1 million.

Bitcoin Price Surge: Mallers’ Perspective

  • Mallers predicts Bitcoin’s price could rise between 260% and 1,357% within the next 10 to 18 months.
  • He believes Bitcoin will hit $250,000 to $1 million in this cycle.
  • Mallers attributes this surge to the U.S. government’s need to print more money to manage its $34.577 trillion debt.
  • He believes people would be willing to pay $250,000 for a Bitcoin due to the potential loss from debasing the currency.
  • Mallers suggests that the focus should be on the amount of capital being printed, not the cost of capital.

Why It Matters

  • Coinbase market experiencing bullish sentiments.
  • Crypto analyst predicts 119% surge in Bitcoin due to spot ETF promise and upcoming halving event.
  • Increased Bitcoin demand could further boost price.
  • Another forecast predicts a monumental Bitcoin rally by 2026.
  • Long-term outlook aligns with Mallers’ short-term prediction, indicating sustained upward trend.
  • Bitcoin halving could cost miners billions of dollars in revenue.

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