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Canada to Potentially Raise Tariffs on Chinese EVs, Trade Minister Reveals

Canada is considering raising tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles following the White House’s new levies, according to Trade Minister Mary Ng, who is in open dialogue with American partners.

Biden Administration Announces New Tariffs Against China

  • Biden administration imposes new tariffs on China, targeting semiconductors, solar cells, and other products.
  • U.S. tariff on Chinese-manufactured electric vehicles to be effective this year, increasing from 27.5%.
  • Canadians imposes a small tariff of about 6% on Chinese vehicles.
  • Canadian main focus is on domestic electric vehicle production, with agreements signed with automakers like Honda and Volkswagen.

Canada’s Auto Sector and US Imports

  • Canadian auto sector is highly interconnected with U.S. manufacturers.
  • Parts and finished cars flow easily across Ontario and Michigan and Ohio.
  • Chinese factories have a small share of Canadain auto market.
  • Tesla Inc.’s Model Y vehicles from Shanghai increased car arrivals by over fivefold at Vancouver port last year.

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