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Global Market Watch: Crude Oil Soars, Musk’s Legal Challenges, and Fed’s Policy Stir World Street

Global Market developments include a surge in crude oil prices, Musk’s inquiry, the Fed’s non-partisan stance, Kpop music company’s revenue revival plan, and Nissan’s wage issues.

The article discusses geopolitical tensions, production squeeze, Elon Musk’s social media inquiry, Fed’s policy decisions, Canada’s AI investment, India’s growth shift, and K-pop companies’ revenue revival strategies.

Geopolitical tensions

Geopolitical tensions, including military escalations between Israel and Iran, have pushed oil prices above $90 per barrel. Mexico’s reduced exports and US sanctions have further strained global supply. Despite these challenges, OPEC remains committed to production cuts.

Musk tension

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes has initiated an inquiry into Elon Musk for allegedly obstructing justice, following Musk’s challenge to a court decision ordering X to block specific accounts, and fines of $100,000 per day.

Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell emphasized that the Fed is not considering the presidential election or politics this year when setting monetary policy, stating that policymakers serve long terms and are not synchronized with election cycles.

Canada’s AI sector

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a C$2.4 billion ($1.77 billion) budget injection for the country’s AI sector, including a C$2 billion investment for computing capabilities and infrastructure.

India grows

India’s booming stock market, foreign investment, and 1.4 billion population attract attention as China’s growth slows. Major players like Boeing and Apple expand operations, shifting focus from China to India’s burgeoning corridors.

Hybe Co

Korean pop music agencies, managed by Hybe Co., are seeking revival strategies following an $8 billion equity rout due to declining album sales, focusing on new acts, distribution deals, and streaming boosts.

Australia’s largest pension fund

Australia’s largest pension fund plans to increase private market investments and expand overseas assets, citing favorable market conditions and less expensive valuations compared to previous years.

Nissan Motor Co

Nissan Motor Co. is no longer eligible for a tax break supporting wage-raising companies after underpaying its contractors by ¥3 billion ($20 million). This could impact the automaker’s earnings this year.

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