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Major Investment Move: AIMCo Announces $1 Billion Fund for Energy Transition.

Major Investment Move

The Alberta Investment Management Corporation has established a new $1 billion fund to invest in the global energy transition and decarbonization sectors.

The investment management says the money is new capital, and the fund’s investments will be in addition to its other climate-related investments across asset classes.

AIMCo’s chief investment officer, Marlene Puffer, says the organization has been systematically examining climate change risks and opportunities for the past decade, and it has a great track record of making investments in the energy transition sector.

AIMCo said the new fund will seek to provide exposure to a variety of energy transition possibilities, including industrial decarbonization, carbon capture, and sequestration.

Other potential areas of focus include renewable fuels, low-carbon renewable energy production and related technologies, as well as electrification, storage, and energy efficiency.

AIMCo invests on behalf of Alberta pension, endowment, insurance, and government funds, managing over $158 billion in assets.

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Major Investment Move Major Investment Move

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