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HomeCryptoMissed the Bitcoin rally? Here are Crypto Coins with high potential.

Missed the Bitcoin rally? Here are Crypto Coins with high potential.

Crypto Coins

Here were listing some the coins which can give multifold return in this Crypto bull run.

Ethereum (ETH) 

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the biggest altcoins which covers 17% of total crypto market.

Current Price 3430

Market cap: $367.80 billion

First Target 4000

ATH  resistance 4634

Support 1927

Cardano ADA

A potential Ethereum killer.

Current Price 0.74

Market cap 26 Billion

First  Target 1.9

ATH  resistance 2.1

Fist Support 0.58

Second Support 0.39

Solano -SOL 

One of the best blockchain architecture in crypto.

Current Price 130

Market cap 57 Billion 

First  Target 200

ATH  resistance 267

Fist Support 90

Second Support 48

Cosmos (ATOM-USD)

Solving high-cost problems in crypto industry.

Current Price 12

Market cap: $4.12 billion

First  Target 26

ATH  resistance 45

Fist Support 9

Second Support 6.20 (CRO)

With 80 million customers and 4,000 employees one the top cryptocurrency exchange company based in Singapore. Not to miss holding this Coin.

Current Price 0.13

Market cap: $3.5 billion

First  Target 0.37

ATH  resistance 0.98

Fist Support 0.78

Last  Support 0.40

Kaspa (KAS-USD) 

With its Kaspium mobile wallet revolutionized the crypto space.

Current Price 0.17

Market cap: $3.68 billion

First  Target 0.24

ATH  resistance 0.18

Fist Support 0.14

Last  Support 0.10

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