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HomeMarket AnalysisNatural Gas Trade Opportunity or Trap?

Natural Gas Trade Opportunity or Trap?

Natural Gas

Trade of the year – Natural Gas!

Gas is trading at price which were seen twice before in last 24 years. Last was this down in Covid 2020 when everything was shutdown.

Gas prices near all time low and are at potential supply/demand imbalance.

forecasts for 2025 $4.50 dry gas price which is still believe too low by many commodity experts.

Technical outlook show bottom can be near and sudden jump can expected in coming months.

My targets are 3.6 to 4$ from here in next 3 to 6 months

Stop loss can be placed at 1.40 at weekly close

UNG, BOIL are ETF to which trace Natural Gas. Also stocks like EQT and SWN may offer better upside.

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