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HomeMarket AnalysisStock Picks to Trade Now | BUY&SELL | 7Aug

Stock Picks to Trade Now | BUY&SELL | 7Aug

Bullish Trade: Evergy, Inc. (EVRG) – 57.30

Stock Bullish

Trade Details:

  1. We might see a reversal in this stock from the current levels.
  2. Pull back towards its EMA.
  3. Now, it is trading at the lower support zone
  4. RSI is in an oversold zone. It will reverse to the upper levels.
  5. Trail your stop loss at entry price after getting a 1:1 risk reward or after the stock price crosses 58 levels.
  6. Risk Reward 1:3+

    Trade, SL, and Target –

Entry = Above 57.52

Stop Loss = 57.10

Target = 58.90

Please note: Don’t trade within first 5 to 10 minutes after market opening. it may hit your SL in opening volatility.

Sell Trade: APA Corporation (APA) – 41.87

Trade Details:

  1. It may re-test the lower EMA support.
  2. It shows negative price formation from the upper resistance zone.
  3. Formation of Lower-Low on the charts.
  4. RSI is ready for downward momentum below 60 and reversing from the upper zone.
  5. Risk Reward = 1:2.8
  6. you can hold this trade if it crosses below 40 for the target of 39

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = Below 41.69

Stop Loss = 42.21

Target = 40.22 / 39.20

Please note: If market sentiment is negative then you can hold this trade for the target of 39.20

Long Trade: Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (ISRG) – 309.31

  1. As the trendline is the resistance zone it may go up from here to the higher levels.
  2. Trade only there is positive price action and it crosses 310 levels
  3. RSI is in an oversold zone, it may recover very sharply from the lower levels to around 45 to 50 levels.
  4. Strictly follow the Stoploss and Target and trail your stop loss at cost if the price goes above 312.50.
  5. Risk Reward = 1:3+
  6. Trading at previous support zone.

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = Above 310

Stop Loss = 308.16

Target = 315.50

Please note: After opening Gap Up, You may see sharp fall. In that case you have to enter when price crosses 310 level from downward to upward. (Don’t Try To Catch a Falling Knife)

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