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5 things to watch for in the Canadian Business World

The Canadian Business World This Week


The highly anticipated global technology conference- Collision, kicked off in Toronto on Monday. The event boast an impressive lineup of speakers, with talks from influential figures such as artificial intelligence leader Geoffrey Hinton and Amazon Web Services chief executive Adam Selipsky.

The Collision Tech Conference is a testament to Toronto’s growing prominence as a hub for technology and innovation. It provides a valuable platform for industry leaders to share insights and foster collaboration, contributing to the city’s status as a global tech player.


The Competition Bureau will unveil its findings from the retail grocery market study. Launched in October last year, the study aims to explore ways in which governments across Canada can enhance competition within the grocery industry.

The release of the Competition Bureau’s retail grocery market study is crucial for understanding the dynamics of competition in the sector. It will be interesting to see the recommendations put forth and their potential impact on fostering a more competitive grocery landscape.


After the close of financial markets on Tuesday, Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. is set to release its fourth-quarter and full-year results. The convenience store retailer will follow up with a conference call for investors and financial analysts on Wednesday morning.

Couche-Tard’s financial results will be closely watched as they provide insights into the performance of the convenience store industry. The subsequent conference call will be an opportunity to understand the company’s strategic outlook and potential market trends.


This week brings two significant economic data releases. On Tuesday, Statistics Canada will publish the consumer price index for May, offering insights into inflation trends. Additionally, Friday will see the release of the gross domestic product by industry figures for April.

Monitoring inflation and GDP figures is crucial for assessing the overall economic health. Investors will be keenly observing these reports for indications of economic recovery and potential shifts in monetary policy.


Closing the week, the Bank of Canada is scheduled to release its business outlook survey and Canadian survey of consumer expectations on Friday. This comes on the heels of the recent interest rate hike to 4.75%, part of the central bank’s efforts to steer inflation towards its two per cent target.

The Bank of Canada’s surveys are instrumental in gauging business and consumer sentiment. Against the backdrop of the recent interest rate adjustment, these surveys will provide valuable insights into the economic outlook and expectations for the future.

In summary, this all businesses promises a wealth of information across various sectors, shedding light on the technological landscape, grocery industry dynamics, corporate financial performance, economic indicators, and the overall economic sentiment in Canada.

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