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Top Swing Trade Update: MRVL 68

Stock Analysis: Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) – 67.63

Trade details: Stock is trading at the lower trendline support levels and now preparing for the great bounce after a significant fall. Stock is falling continuously after its Earnings published. Now it has come down to its very important support levels and price it ready for the good reversal of minimum 5-8%.

You can look at the attached image which indicates its last support and resistance levels. If the market continues to its uptrend then we can also expect the 85 levels again.

ENTRY = 68

STOP = 65

TARGET = 72.50 / 78 / 85

Please Note: You must have to be strict with your stoploss otherwise this position will convert into loss. You can keep trailing your stoploss as price starts increasing to ensure the profits.

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