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Unique travel experiences in Pretoria

By Navdeep Sohi

When we travel abroad for tourism or work, we tend to follow the traditional route of going online and googling the best tourist attractions of the country or place. Try to ditch this list and explore some of the unique/hidden places  and create your own list of attractions. Try it once and I bet you will not regret it! 

‘City of Jacaranda’ – Pretoria, South Africa

Experience the beauty of purple city in bloom:

If you happen to be in Pretoria in October, you will witness nature at its best. Mesmerizing view of Jacaranda trees paints the city of Pretoria in purple. Everyone can appreciate the beauty and the delicate scent that fills the air when it’s jacaranda season. Unfortunately, the jacaranda tree is an alien species and cannot be replanted, but the old neighborhoods of Pretoria are luckily still carpeted in a blanket of purple once a year. There is also a myth that if the student stands under the tree and the flower falls on their head then it is believed that they will get success in exams. So, don’t be surprised if you see many students standing under the tree. 

Explore the Voortrekker Monument on horseback:

Isn’t it amazing to take a horseback riding tour through the park with breathtaking views over Pretoria and some of its beautiful attractions such as Voortrekker Monument, Freedom Park, Fort Schanskop etc. If you are lucky you can also encounter with some game animals such as impala, zebra and black wildebeest along the way. And the best part is that the horses are trained and both the beginners and experienced riders can enjoy this unique experience.

Chug-a-Chug train trip (Steam Train):

If you are a person like me who enjoys leisure time then this trip from Pretoria to Cullinan is for you. Enjoy the beautiful countryside as you sit back and relax with your cup of coffee or tea. View all the sites and get back home by dinner after spending your afternoon at a quirky mining town.

Dance to the traditional music:

Feel the rhythm, let yourself loose and go with the flow. This is the exact feeling you will get when you will listen to the Djembe drums beat. No guidance, no judgement and everyone plays along creating a melodious atmosphere. Finally the percussionists and didgeridoo players join in while the dancers dance around the fire pit, making it one of your memorable evenings with the touch of African culture

Shopping at Menlyn Park Mall (Africa’s largest mall):

Who doesn’t love shopping when you are abroad! With more than 400 shops, ranging from all sorts of variety from fashion, grocery, fun, food, this is your go to place. There are range of cafes, restaurants, and icing on the cake for families with kids as it has a play area just outside of the mall where kids can enjoy while mom and dad can relax.

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