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Best Stock To Trade Today|BUY & SELL| 05 April

BUY Trade: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ) – 16.53

Trade Details:

If it sustain the lower trendline breakdown then will fall further and continue to hit lower levels. There is its EMA support at lower levels and price will take next support at its EMA level. RSI is trading flat near 45 and will try to bounce back towards upper level. Risk Reward Ratio is also good at more than 1:3.

Entry = 16.50

Stop Loss = 16.05

Target = 16.05

Please note: If it reverse from the current levels then must ignore this trade. Keep trailing your SL on downside.

Short Trade: Citizens Financial Group, Inc. (CFG) – 34.10

Trade Details:

Stock has already breaks down the lower trendline support and currently trading at its EMA support levels which shows the strength in the price and stock may bounce again towards higher levels.

RSI is trading at 28 which is considered as the oversold zone and RSI will shoot up again towards higher levels around 75-80.

Entry = 34.30

Stop Loss = 34.03

Target = 35.25

Please note: Current levels is also last 2 times resistance and price will again start moving upwards from here but if it fall further then must exit below 34

Bullish Trade: Sealed Air Corporation (SEE) – 33.24

Trade Details:

Stock is trading at lower trendline support which is too far away from its upper EMA resistance and price will try to bounce one again towards higher levels. RSI is bearish and trading near 32 but will soon hit the 70 levels which indicates the strength in the price for uptrend. You can wait the for the EMA to take out and keep trailing your SL.

Entry= 33.35

Stop Loss= 33.03

Target = 34.52

Please Note: Trade only above the trendline breakout and keep trailing your SL and aim for bigger targets.

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