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Best Stocks To Trade Now

  1. Carnival Corporation & plc (CCL) – 16.24

Trading at lower trendline support and preparing for the bounce and this will be a good recovery in this stock price.

There is also EMA support and along with the market sentiment the price is very strong if it does not reverse at the opening hours.

Entry= 16.28

StopLoss= 16.12

Target = 16.75

Risk-Reward = 1:3

Please Note: If it opens negative then we have to wait for entry and enter only after price triggers our levels.

2. American Airlines Group Inc. (AAL) – 13.96

Stock is trading at its last support levels if market tries to recover then we will definitely see a good recovery and RSI is also trading in the oversold zone so it will try to hit 50+ levels soon.

Entry= 14

StopLoss= 13.85

Target = 14.41

Risk-Reward = 1:3

Please Note: Price will be very strong after crossing above 14 levels and you can also hold this trade for next 2 days for the better targets.

3. Newmont Corporation (NEM) – 33.89

Stock is in uptrend and taking support at its moving average lines and preparing for the good bounce and RSI is also bullish and on the daily time frame this stock is bullish as well.

Volumes are constantly increasing from past few days which indicates the interest of buyers because price is also positive.

Entry= 34

StopLoss= 33.65

Target = 35.24

Risk-Reward = 1:3+

Please Note: Stock may fall little bit near around 0.5% after opening so must enter at lower price only after confirmation of reversal on 15 minutes candle chart time frame.

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