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Best Stocks to Trade |BUY & SELL| 26 Feb

Bullish Trade: Ford Motor Company (F) – 12.14

Best Bullish

Trade Details:

  1. This stock is consolidating after a big fall so we can expect new upside momentum towards higher levels.
  2. The gap has already filled and stock will take support now and bounce again.
  3. There is also a resistance levels at 300 so it may shoot up very quickly as soon as it crosses 300 levels.
  4. It is also reversing from a EMA support and may bounce back again to higher levels.
  5. Trading range is becoming narrow day by day which increases the posabillity of a big breakout.
  6. RSI is trading flat at 45 and is stuck in a mid range. it will also give a breakout towards 80-85 levels.
  7. Trail your stop loss at entry price after getting a 1:1 risk reward.
  8. Risk Reward 1:3+
  9. When you are entering into this trade look at the overall market trend. If the market trend is negative then wait to enter.

    Trade, SL, and Target –

Entry = 12.18

Stop Loss = 12.08

Target = 12.50

Please note: There is some downside gap is remaining so make sure to reenter if it his SL in first try.

Sell Trade: Keysight Technologies, Inc. (KEYS) – 149.97

Trade Details:

  1. This stock has been facing selling pressure from the Top level.
  2. Yellow trendline will act as a resistance zone and it will also acts as supply zone so price may slide from current levels.
  3. The overall trend is negative so trade with high conviction if market sentiment will also negative.
  4. Stock Price has stretched too much, so we are planning for a bearish reversal with a negative price action.
  5. RSI is flat and it will slips towards lower levels and hit levels around 145 to 142.
  6. Trail your stop loss to the entry price after getting a 1:1 risk reward or below 148
  7. Risk Reward = 1:3.5+

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 149.75

Stop Loss = 151.10

Target = 145.10

Please note: Don’t trade if this stock opens gap up and if the market sentiment is also negative then you can hold this trade for the next few days for bigger targets.

Momentum Trade: PTC Inc. (PTC) – 180.94

  1. This stock is now trading in a channel and currently it is at the upper channel of the zone.
  2. Now, it is trying reversing from higher channel to lower support zone of 175.
  3. For more confirmation you should enter only below it EMA levels because there is a little chance of reversal before EMA.
  4. You can go for uptrend into this trade if the market sentiment is positive and price breaks out above the trendline.
  5. RSI is in falling mood so there will be high conviction on sell side momentum.
  6. Strictly follow the Stoploss and Target and trail your stop loss around cost after getting a 1:1 risk reward on your trade.
  7. Risk Reward = 1:4

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 180.50

Stop Loss = 182

Target = 175

Please note: This stock is in uptrend and you have to watch the market sentiment because if it breaks out above trendline then it will shoot up. So trade accordingly with stoploss.

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