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Best Stocks to Trade |BUY & SELL|27 Mar

  1. Bearish Trade: Molson Coors Beverage Company (TAP) – 66.90

Trade Details:

  • Stock is turning from its upper resistance level.
  • Current levels will acts as a supply zone and stock may show a good pullback.
  • It may fall towards its moving average line which will be our final target.
  • Must exit at its EMA support because after that it may bounce again.

Trade, SL, and Target –

Entry = 66.90

Stop Loss = 67.50

Target = 65.40

Please note: Try to trail your stoploss with the momentum and must exit all at lower trendline support.

2. Bullish Trade: CME Group Inc. (CME) – 212.88

Trade Details:

  • This stock is reversing after taking support at its trendline support and preparing for a bounce to the upside.
  • After crossing its MA line it will show some strength and price may hit 218 to 220 levels.
  • If it opens the gap down or below the last candle low then ignore this trade because after that it may fall sharply.
  • RSI is turning into bullish and it may touch 75 levels again.
  • Trail your stop loss to the entry price after getting a 1:1 risk reward.
  • Risk Reward = 1:3.5+

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 213.20

Stop Loss = 212.39

Target = 216.25

Please note: Ignore this trade if the market sentiment is negative or it opens gap down.

3. Long Trade: PPL Corporation (PPL)– 26.60

Trade Details:

  • Taking support at the lower trendline levels and preparing for the next big bounce towards higher level.
  • There is also a EMA support after crossing its EMA level it will show more strength further.
  • RSI is also trading at the lower bottom support level and will become bullish again.
  • Risk reward ratio is also high because there is a high probability of upside from current levels.

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 26.76

Stop Loss = 26.59

Target = 27.22

Please note: Trade only it triggers our entry level and keep strict stoploss below the trendline.

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