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Best Trading Ideas |BUY & SELL| 06 March

BUY Trade: Intel Corporation (INTC) – 43.16

Best Trading

Trade Details:

  1. This stock falls too much last day and we are expecting a small pullback.
  2. There is a strong demand zone at the lower levels which will gives support.
  3. This will not sustain at higher levels so be ready to book profits on upper levels.
  4. If the market opens a Gap down then wait for the entry price trigger to make position otherwise it may continue its fall.
  5. As it crosses above its moving average then you can trail your stoploss.
  6. RSI is becoming bullish after trading in a flat range. It may shoot up to 80 levels again.
  7. Trail your stop loss at entry price after getting a 1:1 risk reward.
  8. Risk Reward 1:4+

    Trade, SL, and Target –

Entry = Above 43.30

Stop Loss = 42.95

Target = 44.80

Please note: Make sure you can exit this trade today because we can also see a reversal from tomorrow.

Bullish Trade: Salesforce, Inc. (CRM) – 298.75

Trade Details:

  1. This stock’s will try to give a bounce from current levels.
  2. There is a support at lower side of it moving average line which might be tested if market sentiment will become negative.
  3. It has a perfect price action and technical pattern for the next bounce from current levels.
  4. You can keep your stop loss strict, if you are able to take high risks then keep your SL below its moving average support.
  5. RSI is in very bullish trend and trading at 35 after recovering from the oversold zone. It will continue with the over all market trend.
  6. If it reverse again from 300-302 then ignore this trade because it may be trap for buyers.
  7. Risk Reward = 1:3

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 299.17

Stop Loss = 296.44

Target = 307.35

Please note: Wait for price to cross 300 to enter, it will shoot up towards 312 & 316. You can hold this trade if it closes positive today.

Long Trade: DXC Technology Company (DXC)– 20.20

  1. This stock is trying to give a reversal towards its Moving Average levels which will the resistance zone.
  2. There is a technical pattern of double bottom in this stock and it is trying to give a nice recovery from lower levels.
  3. It is trading at the lower support channel and we can expect a good bounce.
  4. Trade only above the entry point otherwise it may reverse to the lower levels and continue in the same range.
  5. RSI is trading flat in a oversold zone and it may go up again up to 75 levels.
  6. Strictly follow the Stoploss and Target and trail your stop loss around cost after getting 1:1 risk reward on your trade.
  7. Risk Reward = 1:4+

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 20.25

Stop Loss = 20.08

Target = 21

Please note: We can expect a good bounce from current levels and keep trailing your stoploss because market may reverse anytime.

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