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Best Trading Stocks Ideas For 17 April

Long Trade: PPL Corporation (PPL) – 26.04

Trade Details: Stock has already fallen too much and trading at its lower support level which will act as a new demand zone for this stock and this stock will bounce towards higher level from this level. IT is too far from its EMA levels and price may show a quick bounce from here. RSI is trading at the bottom and price will bounce again towards higher level which will turn into bullish momentum. Risk reward ratio is 1:2.8+

Entry = 26.04

Stop Loss = 25.88

Target = 26.50

Please note: Wait for confirmation of bullishness in the price then enter into this trade with strict SL.

Bullish Trade: Hologic Inc (HOLX) – 75.11

Trade Details: Stock is trading at the lower trendline support and now preparing for the bounce towards higher levels. RSI sis also shifted at the lower zone so there is high probability to rise in prices after such a big fall. Once it opens gap down then wait for the bullish sentiment only then enter onto this trade otherwise it will fall further to lower levels. Risk reward ratio is also favorable at 1:3

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 75.27

Stop Loss = 74.87

Target = 76.47

Please note: Trade only if it reverse from the lower trendline support and keep trailing your SL to secure profits.

Short Trade: EQT Corporation (EQT) – 36.21

Trade Details: Stock was bullish but now turning into a bearish trend and falling from the higher levels and taking its EMA as a resistance level. Price at the lower trendline will acts as a support level which will be the final target for this trade. RSI is also negative and trading into a bearish pattern and in the downtrend. currently trading at 42 levels and facing downward. Risk reward ratio is also good at 1:4

Trade SL and Target –

Entry = 36.16

Stop Loss = 36.50

Target = 34.80

Please note: Be strict with SL at its EMA level and keep trailing to secure bigger profits.

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