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CMS Info Systems Block Deal: Rs. 1,594 Crore Transaction Marks 27% Equity Transfer, Potential Promoter Sale.

CMS Info Systems

Around 4.2 crore shares of CMS Info Systems, amounting for a 27.1 percent interest, changed hands in a block sale on February 27. The overall deal was valued Rs 1,594 cr.

we couldn’t establish the buyer or the seller engaged in the transaction done at a floor price of Rs 375.30 a share against the closing price of Rs 397.35 in the previous session.

CNBC Awaaz, however, claimed on February 26 that promoter Sion Investment was set to sell its whole 26.7 percent ownership in the company through block agreements. According to the story, which came after market hours, the shares were to be offered at Rs 360 apiece, a 9 percent discount to current market pricing.

In June 2023, promoter Sion Investment Holdings Pte Limited, a subsidiary of Baring Private Equity Asia, offloaded 13.8 percent equity for Rs 638 crore at an average price of Rs 300.23 a share. It sold another 19.4 percent share for Rs 1,071 crore in October. In March 2023, the promoters controlled roughly 60 percent share in the company.

In Q3FY24, CMS Info Systems, which is a cash management and payment solutions provider, reported a 14.91 percent year-on-year growth in PAT at Rs 87 crore. Revenue climbed 19 percent to Rs 582 crore.

BGR Energy Systems Promoters Sell Stake; Easy Trip Planners Welcomes Minerva Ventures

Minerva bought 90,00,000 shares at Rs 48.75 per share, buying Rs 43.87 crore worth of shares.

BGR Energy Systems promoter Sasikala Ragupathy sold a 2.51 percent share in the company on February 26. Sasikala sold 18,11,464 shares at an average price of Rs 79.73 through open market transactions valuing the deal at Rs 14.44 crore. Sasikala owns 23.99 percent interest in the company as of December 2023.

BGR Energy Systems stock plummeted 11.18 percent to Rs 75.85 in the trading session.

Minerva Ventures fund acquired up a 0.5 percent interest in Easy Trip Planners. Minerva bought 90,00,000 shares at Rs 48.75 per share. Minerave bought Rs 43.87 crore worth of equity in the company.

Shares of Easy Trip Planners closed 1.15 percent high at Rs 48.35.

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CMS Info Systems CMS Info Systems CMS Info Systems

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