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Top Stocks In Focus Today 25 Mar.

  1. Bullish: EPAM Systems, Inc. (EPAM) – 270.82

Stock has fallen at the bottom and it will try to reverse from the current levels and price will shoot up again to the higher resistance levels.

Trading too far away from its EMA line and will bounce towards it EMA zone.

RSI is trading in the oversold zone and price will bounce again towards higher levels.

Entry= 271.09

StopLoss= 268.39

Target = 268.39

Risk-Reward = 1:4

Please Note: If it opens gap down then ignore this trade and wait for bullish sign for confirm entry into this trade.

2. Sell: Lennar Corporation (LEN) – 166.58

Stock is trading at top of its resistance levels and there is also a formation of double top on the higher levels and stock is turning into a bearish trend and this is also a sign of trend reversal.

RSI is trading at overbought zone and will fall down very sharply below 40 levels.

Entry= 166.32

StopLoss= 167.66

Target = 162

Risk-Reward = 1:3+

Please Note: Follow stoploss strictly otherwise we have to face big losses. Make sure to entry only if it open flat with bearish market sentiment.

3. Short: The AES Corporation (AES) – 16.24

Stock is in a very strong downtrend and facing resistance on every pullback so this stock may continue to fall further towards 15 level. RSI is also in negative divergence and currently at overbought zone which increases the chances of downfall towards lower levels.

EMA line is acting as a resistance for this stock. But make sure to exit with proper stoploss above its EMA levels.

Entry= 16.22

StopLoss= 16.40

Target = 15.50

Risk-Reward = 1:3.5+

Please Note: You can hold this trade if it closes in profit today because market will continue to fall then and we can get bigger profit but make sure to trail your stoploss.

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